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Krauland Predictive Maintenance ServicesKrauland Inc. is a company dedicated to performing excellent predictive maintenance services in the area of vibration, thermography, oil, ultrasonic, and leak detection. We offer many service packages. We have many years in the predictive maintenance field performing services for such companies as General Electric, Honeywell, Mercury Marine, and others. The purpose of predictive maintenance is to study the health of your rotating equipment, piping systems, and electrical equipment to predict pending failures. By doing so, we are able to minimize your unscheduled downtime so you can take full advantage of your scheduled downtime. 

The technologies we perform complement each other to provide a complete and detailed predictive maintenance service.

Vibration Analysis: We use state of the art data collection equipment to capture the wide range of vibration patterns generated by a piece of rotating equipment. We analyze the data to determine the severity and cause. Based on our readings, we perform root cause analysis studies to determine the source of chronic vibration related problems. With periodic data collection, we trend the history of the equipment, monitoring for increase in vibration levels and new possible problem areas. 

Oil Analysis: Oil samples are collected and a detailed analysis is performed to determine the quality of the oil and to help identify component breakdown. Oil analysis complements vibration analysis because we periodically see problems using oil analysis that we do not see using vibration analysis. Our lab performs multiple tests to aid in identifying the source of pending problems. We trend each oil sample for history purposes.

Ultrasonic Studies: Wall thickness readings are taken on piping and vessels at various locations to determine deterioration and remaining pipe life. Also, with the aid of ultrasonics we can monitor volumetric rates flowing through piping systems to aid in the detection of blockages.

Ultrasonic - Leak/Airborne Detection: This technology is used to find leaks in positive and negative pressure systems and vessels. We can use this in high voltage areas because there is no need to open any panels. These problems can be detected from a distance by use of a long-range module. Other uses include the detection of problems associated with bearings, gears, and steam traps by using a contact module.

Thermography: Infrared scanning of electrical equipment can detect loose connections, bad fuses, breakdown of insulation on wiring, etc.

We can either setup your program and continue to perform the follow-up data collection for trending purposes or we can setup your program with the intent that your personnel will eventually continue the program without our assistance.

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